member testimonials

"The BAC provides year round fun for our entire family. We have 4 young kids (ages 3, 6,10,11) and the club offers something for each of them. We are active in all areas of the club no matter the time of year (tennis, squash, swimming, paddle tennis, parties). Great members, casual environment, athletic competition, wonderful staff, excellent dining, rich traditions, constant activity and overall good times are the reasons we are at the BAC. Our expectations of life at the club have been far exceeded. We love it!"
James, member since 1990

"We joined the BAC a year after visiting the pool as a guest with a friend who was a member. We never knew all the fun activities that were going on behind the Maple Rd. entrance. The club is great, and the summers are like one big play date for my daughter. Both my husband and I took advantage of all the club has to offer, and both of us took up a racquet sport. This has been a worthwhile investment for our family."

suzanne, member since 2010

 "My parents, Carrie and Ed Proctor, joined the Birmingham Athletic Club in the 1970s, wanting a place for my brother, sister and me to swim during the summer months.  Little did we know that the “swimming pool” would become a life long association with a fabulous facility and circle of friends.  We individually became involved in tennis, squash and paddle, as well as took advantage of the dining facilities to host business and family events.  After college I moved away from the area, but upon my return with my family in tow, the first thing I did was to submit an application for membership to the BAC.  My sons, James and Alex were 5 and 4 years old respectively, and it was imperative that they had the BAC experience that summer!  Swim team and tennis team activities were daily events. Still today, the boys take advantage of the fitness center, and of course, the BAC burgers and fries.  I continue to get out on the courts and host family, friend and business associates at the club.  The location is central and the ease of execution is second to none.  The Club has been a part of my family and I continue to make it a part of mine."


"I first visited the BAC from out of town as a guest when I was in my teens and had a great day in the pool and on the tennis courts. When I later moved to the Detroit area, my family and I joined the club at the first chance we could. My children grew up taking advantage of the many activities at the club. I have made regular use of the fitness room and I took up the game of squash, which I found to be both fun and great exercise. More than anything else, we enjoy the society of the many good friends we have made at the club. Joining the BAC has proven to be a terrific decision."